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Antenatal Care

Booking Your Visit

You will be invited to attend a booking clinic where you will see Jo your Specialist Midwife Sonographer. This is important, as it is necessary to obtain and record your personal and family history. Booking will include your first ultrasound scan. Please allow 30 minutes for this appointment.


Your Antenatal Records

Later on in your pregnancy you will be encouraged to carry your own current antenatal record. The advantage of carrying your own record is that, if required to attend your GP and when attending the women’s Health Group or the hospital, there is access to a fully updated record of your care.


Antenatal Care Calendar




Information Requirements

Content of Care



Specialist Midwife Sonographer

Booking including health promotion and education, domestic violence, post-natal depression and infant feeding Articulation of women’s requirements and wishes, including birth plan

Booking visit including medical, obstetric and gynaecological history. Blood pressure, physical examination

Calculate date of delivery, booking bloods, full blood count and group, Rubella, Varicella, VDRL, Hepatitis B. HIV, urinalysis, dating ultrasound. Patient baseline weight and height

15 - 17

Consultant Obstetrician

First introduction and discussion regarding booking bloods

Discuss any risk factors.

Blood pressure, urinalysis, fundal height FH auscultation or scan carried out

18 - 20

Specialist Midwife/


Hand-held maternity record given to women, information and discussion

Discuss outcome of scan

Detailed fetal anomaly ultrasound scan


Consultant Obstetrician

Information and discussion

Assessment of well-being

Blood pressure, urinalysis, fundal height FH or Scan

28 - 30

Consultant Obstetrician

Rhesus disease, information and discussion


Rhesus antibody check, full blood count, blood pressure, urinalysis, fundal height FH or scan fetal growth assessment


Consultant Obstetrician

Information and discussion


Blood pressure, urinalysis, fundal height, FH or Scan Fetal growth assessment


Practice Midwife

Information and discussion

Review of pregnancy, physical examination and Labour discussion

Rhesus antibody check, blood pressure, urinalysis, fundal height, clinical size and lie, presentation, FH or scan fetal growth assessment


Consultant Obstetrician

Information and


Blood pressure, urinalysis, fundal height and presentation FH or scan for fetal growth assessment

Pregnancy: Weeks 1-9

Pregnancy: Weeks 10-14


Pregnancy: Weeks 15-20


Pregnancy: Weeks 21-27


Pregnancy: Weeks 28-37





Shoulder Dystocia Injury