Pregnancy Care / Antenatal visits


Pregnancy and childbirth are exciting and life changing experiences. At the Women Health Group we understand the special care requirements of both mother and baby during this wonderful time.

The Women Health Group is run by for Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologists, each with different subspecialty areas of expertise thereby delivering the highest standard of pregnancy and birth care.

Your consultant will see you throughout your pregnancy providing a scan at each visit and will be there at your delivery. In their absence another consultant will be present.

Antenatal visits normally start with a complementary first scan at approximately 9 weeks prior to a full ‘booking’ visit at 12 weeks.

At this point you will also meet the clinic midwife who will also see you at each subsequent visit.

The scheduling of each visit thereafter will be tailored to your pregnancy but on a low risk pregnancy will usually  be at 20, 28, 32,36,38 and 40 weeks gestation.

Our Pregnancy A to Z pages cover everything you need to know about all stages of pregnancy including; antenatal care, what to expect during pregnancy, conditions you may experience during pregnancy, labour and delivery plus post pregnancy advice about you and your newborn.


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Antenatal Care

Booking a Visit to the Womens Health Group You will be invited to attend a booking visit where you will see Jo your Specialist Midwife Sonographer. This is important, as it is necessary to obtain and record your personal and family history. This visit will also provide your first ultrasound scan and a set of bloods will also be taken. Please allow 30 minutes for this appointment. Following this you will be seen for regular visits at Women’s Health Group.

Your Antenatal Records
Later on in your pregnancy you will be encouraged to carry your own current antenatal record. The advantage of carrying your own record is that, when attending your GP, Women’s Health Group or the hospital, there is access to a fully updated record of your care.

Ante-natal Classes

Antenatal online provides antenatal classes, information help and advice for all prospective parents delivered at a time that is convenient to you. On line classes are 24/7 and now included in your private fee for antenatal care.

For more, see our antenatal care pages