Pregnancy A to Z


Antenatal care

Antenatal Care When You Are Pregnant

Blood Tests at Your First Antenatal Visit

Fees for Antenatal Care

Planning for Pregnancy

Pregnant with Twins


During pregnancy

Breech Presentation at the End of Your Pregnancy

Depression and Anxiety During Pregnancy and Following Birth

Exercise during Pregnancy

Nausea and morning sickness

Pelvic floor exercises

Pregnancy & Diet

Symptoms of miscarriage

Vaginal discharge in pregnancy

Water Breaking During Pregnancy


Conditions in pregnancy

Backache in pregnancy

Chickenpox Contact and Pregnancy

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Group B Streptococcus

Pelvic Girdle Pain


Pregnancy and High Blood Pressure

Pudendal Neuralgia

Red Blood Cell Alloimmunisation

Sickness and Vomiting in Pregnancy

Swollen ankles, feet and fingers


Labour and delivery

Assisted Birth

Caesarean Section


Forceps or vacuum delivery

How to Deliver a Baby in an Emergency Childbirth

Induction of Labour

Labour and Birth

My water broke, what happens next?

Pain Relief in Labour and Childbirth

Premature labour and birth

Signs that labour has begun

Sweeping the Membranes

Vaginal Birth After Caesarian Section (VBAC)

What happens during labour and birth

What happens if your water breaks and you don't have contractions?

What to pack for your Hospital stay


Ultrasound in pregnancy


You and your newborn

Breastfeeding - Useful links

Breastfeeding Your Baby

Helping you manage after a major operation

Helping you manage after a minor operation

Home Care Following LSCS

Monitoring the Baby

Postnatal Depression

Twins and sleep