Diabetes in Pregnancy

National Diabetes Mellitus Programme

In 2010, the HSE through the ONMSD launched national ‘Guidelines for the Management of Pre-gestational and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus form Pre-conception to the Postnatal period’.  Following the launch of these guidelines the requirement for a standardised accredited Diabetes programme for midwives nationally was identified.  A programme has now been developed by the ONMSD to provide a national standardised education update for midwives in relation to diabetes in pregnancy.  The programme has been granted Category 1 approval from An Bord Altranais.

The programme has been peer reviewed by relevant stakeholders throughout the country and has been endorsed by Ms Sheila Sugrue, National Lead Midwife, Dr Brendan Kinsley, Consultant Endocrinologist, Mater Hospital and Mr Michael Shannon, Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director. Programme content is delivered through lectures and workshops and subjects range from the epidemiology of diabetes to the role of the midwife in providing midwifery care to women with pre-gestational and gestational diabetes mellitus and their babies.  The programme will be disseminated through the ONMSD and is intended for national roll out through all relevant midwifery stakeholders; the CNME’s and midwifery units.  For further information contact: Eithne Cusack, Director Nursing Midwifery Planning & Development Unit, Dublin North E mail: Eithne.cusack@hse.ie Tel: 01 8908765, Project Officer : Michelle Waldron Email: Michelle.Waldron@hse.ie.

Contraception & Pregnancy Planning with Diabetes

“Contraception & Pregnancy Planning with Diabetes” is an information publication for women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus.  The publication was developed to target women with diabetes in order to promote the concept of either actively planning to conceive or actively avoiding pregnancy.  By providing information on contraception and early pregnancy care to women with diabetes, it is hoped that more women with diabetes will plan their pregnancies and discuss their treatment options with their GP and diabetes team prior to conception.

Diabetes in Pregnancy
This publication highlights the various contraception methods available to women with diabetes and provides information on early pregnancy planning.  It will be available in diabetes clinics and healthcare settings from July 2011.  It was developed and endorsed by experts in the field of diabetes and pregnancy and has also been endorsed by Professor Michael Turner, Lead for the HSE Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinical Programme and Dr. Diarmuid Smith, Lead for HSE Diabetes Clinical Programme.  For further information contact: Eithne Cusack, Director Nursing Midwifery Planning & Development Unit, Dublin North.

source: hse.ie