Home Care Following LSCS - Lower segment Cesarian section

For six weeks after LSCS (Lower Segment Cesarian Section), you should watch for all of the following (fever, vaginal bleeding, and pain), but precautions also should include not placing anything inside the vagina (this means no tampons, douching, or sexual intercourse). Some doctors recommend driving restrictions (meaning don't drive) from three to four weeks or longer this is also dependant on you car insurance company.

Don't forget to make a follow-up appointment with the Women’s Health Group. Make the appointment within six weeks after the delivery. Call Jean on 056 7795302.

As far as wound care goes, you can take a shower, but don't rub the incision while showering. Let the water run over it and take a bar of antibacterial soap, make a dollop of suds in your hands and apply it gently to the incision, let the suds sit for a minute, and then rinse them off. Use a clean towel and pat the incision dry, don't rub it. Taking a bath is acceptable once your bleeding has decreased significantly. For the first couple of weeks, a shower is preferable.

For painkillers, the majority of women can take paracetamol or Ibuprofen. Make sure you take any medicine with food or milk, assuming that there are no contraindications to that. Take medicine regularly for the first couple of days after surgery. Be aware that the Ibuprofen might have gastro-intestinal side effects.

For the six weeks after surgery, use walking as your main source of exercise. Avoid situps or crunches or anything that could weaken or tear the incision.

There is no getting around the fact that a c-section is an operation that requires cutting, and as such, it can be dangerous. Fortunately, with the advent of antibiotics and improvements in surgical techniques, it is a relatively normal procedure that is performed routinely and successfully every day around the world

Make sure you have plenty of help after the baby is born. You will be sore for quite a while and will need some help getting around.