Later Dating Pregnancy Scan (12 - 17 weeks) €150

This includes photographs and a computer print out of details obtained.

This Later Dating Pregnancy Scan scan is performed to

  • verify the baby’s heartbeat
  • calculate the gestational age and determine estimated date of delivery
  • look for multiples ( twins, triplets etc)
  • determine that the baby is located normally within the womb and that the pregnancy is progressing normally at this stage
  • examine placental site

What you need to know at 12 weeks pregnant

And by the end of this week, your risk of miscarriage will be dramatically reduced. These milestones mean it's time to think about telling the world that you're pregnant.

You don't need to tell your employer that you're pregnant until 15 weeks before your due date. But letting people at work know your news does have its benefits. For example, your employer is required by law to make sure that you and your baby are safe at work. And you'll find pregnancy symptoms much easier to cope with, when you don't have to hide them.